Video on SoapySDR + LimeSDR GrCon 2017

My talk at GrConn sponsored by Lime Microsystems. The talk is about various work I have done for LimeSDR crowdfunding campaign, as well as the general software ecosystem for the community such as SoapySDR. I'm also wearing the Skylark shirt and I brought Skylark equipment for the booth. So its funny that I'm basically presenting two companies here. Also special thanks to Ignas from Lime for putting together the video.

Lets talk about drivers

The Lime micro vendor booth

The Lime Microsystems booth with Skylark wireless hardware. Sorry for the image quality!

That cool ecosystem graph

This graph honestly took me a lot of time, and I guess it was interesting because quite a few people asked for a copy. So here it is. A variant is also in the slide deck and on the pothos wiki pages now.

Presentation slides

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