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Checkout my blog post about the LMS7002M Control driver on MyriadRF's website.

Developing on the MEGAZORD

So far, development for the LMS7002M has been using this beast (pictured below). The "MEGAZORD" is a Microzed + FMC carrier card + EVB7. The EVB7 is an FMC-based evaluation board for the LMS7002M.

I have been using the Pothos remote topology feature, along with SoapySDR, and the Pothos Zynq DMA userspace driver to develop on the Microzed board. That why some of the blocks in the diagram are blue; because PothosGui is running on my desktop, and those "blue" blocks are running on the Microzed (I happened to choose blue for the affinity zone).

Its been really nice to use Pothos to drag and drop control widgets and plotters and to have a live view of what is going on. And between SoapySDR and the pothos-sdr toolkit, I found that there has always been a control hook available to deal with the vast number of configuration options available in the LMS7002M, such as dealing with multiple channels, rate and clock configuration, and advanced tuning parameters.

Update (hamster for scale)

Maybe I should have called it the MICROZORD. It looks like one of godzilla's friends towering over a city.

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